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ENCONA Training

ENCONA vast knowledge and experience in performing professional training development seminars and business seminars are seen in nearly 40 countries worldwide. 

What makes our training seminars different, are our highly skilled seminar leaders, who are also practitioners who work in today’s competitive and challenging business environment. The real-world experience and knowledge give them an intimate understanding of the issues and challenges that employees and employers face every day.

Training offered by ENCONA:

Automotive Core Tools

Course name


ID 20000

Core Tools I – APQP, FMEA, PPAP - Compact

3 days

ID 21000

Core Tools II – SPC, MSA, Lean Six Sigma Basics - Compact

3 days

ID 22000

Core Tools III – Problem Solving & G8D, 7 Tools of Quality - Compact

3 days

ID 20100

APQP Advanced Product Quality Planning

2 days

ID 20200

FMEA Failure Mode & Effects Analysis

2 days

ID 20220

FMEA Software Training based on APIS IQ-RM

2 days

ID 20300

PPAP Production Part Approval Process

2 days

ID 21100

SPC Statistical Process Control

2 days

ID 21200

MSA Measurement System Analysis

2 days

ID 21300

Lean Six Sigma – Basics

2 days

ID 22100

Problem Solving & G8D

2 days

ID 22200

The 7 Tools of Quality Management

2 days

For more information with regards to a specific training ID, or for any other queries, please contact us and we will swiftly assist you.

ENCONAcademy Training
ENCONAcademy Training
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