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ENCONA holds vast experience in auditing Integrated Management Systems, Stand-alone Management Systems and associated Processes (Manufacturing and Services) at companies around the world.

The problem organisations face today is how they have to comply with many requirements to satisfy the demands of numerous stakeholders. The business drivers are statutory, regulatory, customer, quality, environmental, IT security, ISO 9001, IATF16949, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, the list seems to be getting longer all the time.

In response, a variety of management systems have been developed to comply with each specific requirement. Eventually, it becomes difficult to meet all the competing needs. Systems developed in isolation end up conflicting, with minimum requirements not being met.

Organisations also tend to neglect their sub-supplier responsibilities, with audits as a means to qualify, quantify and improve.

Your Challenge:

  • You are an accredited certification body (CB) and you are seeking IATF International Automotive Auditors to perform 3rd party audits at your clients but have no resources?
  • You are preparing for a 3rd party certification audit according to IATF16949 and want the system to get checked from the eyes of an independent auditor prior to the event to increase your odds of having a successful audit?
  • You do not carry sufficient qualified auditing capacity, but need audits to be performed?
  • You have a need for new suppliers but have no means of qualifying them?
  • You have Customer Specific type audits to perform, but don’t know where to start?
  • You have repeat audit findings due to lack of effective root cause analysis and closure of previous audit findings

Our Services:

  • We provide accredited IATF certification auditor resources for Certification Bodies (CB).
  • We prepare your organisation for 3rd party IATF16949 audits as we understand the rules, regulations and system requirements. We can perform your internal audit on your behalf.
  • We are able to perform your internal and external System and Process audits on your behalf. ENCONA has suitably qualified/certified auditors with a range of commodity experience.
  • We are able to assist you with the Potential Analysis of New Suppliers (VDA6.3 P1) and are able to travel to any country where the prospective supplier is situated.
  • Our suitably qualified/certified and experienced auditors are able to assist with Customer Specific audits (VW Self Audit, Daimler PV, BMW Requalification).
  • We can extend the scope of our auditing service to include assistance in the effective management of auditing findings.
  • You are able to outsource your entire company audit programme for us to effectively manage and conduct.

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ENCONA Auditing
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