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RSA- Course Status Update


2019 is flying and we are already in the 2nd quarter! Time flies when you are having fun?

We have a number of great trainings planned for the upcoming period. Please find our Public Training Calendar attached below. Also keep in mind that all our courses can also be offered as an in-house training.

 A few things that may be of interest to you:

  1. In 2018, ISO 19011 was updated. Amongst others, this standard provides guidance on how auditors should plan, conduct, monitor and adjust audit programmes/plans. IATF and VDA require auditors to be competent according to the latest requirements. We have launched a training which will help to close the gap and advise that all internal/external process and system auditors consider joining the Workshop: Revision ISO 19011:2018.
  2. Most of us know the AIAG method of PPAP, however, when it comes to our German OEM’s their CSR documents don’t describe the need for the AIAG PPAP method, but rather theVDA 2 PPA (Process and Product Approval). We are excited to launch the VDA 2 trainings this year, and look forward to updating our customers knowledge and understanding.
  3. Product Safety Representative (PSB) has recently undergone a revision. The revision now includes focus on Product Conformity with the new title being PSCR (Product Safety and Conformity Representative) and is now also accompanied by a guideline publication. For new users, a revised two-day event still exists, but now including a qualification test. Those that have previously attended the PSB course will need to attend a one-day ‘Upgrade’ session, which also includes the qualification test.
  4. The analysis process for warranty failures comes under the spotlight. VDA has recently made minor revisions and improvements to their FFA (Field Failure Analysis) guidelines which provides a warranty management framework, including the focus on NTF (No Trouble Found). Please follow the link for more info on the course that we offer.
  5. Having identified a need for holistic training on quality concepts, we are very happy to announce the launch of DGQ’s course, Quality Assurance in the Production Environment - Basics. This is a highly interactive and practical training and is the first of a series of 4 modules being launched. Successful completion of all 4 modules will lead to being a certified DGQ Quality Manager! Please let us know if we can give you a call to discuss the content and the opportunities it may bring for your organisation and personnel.

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