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Welcome to ENCONA's Digital World

Barry Delport

Hello Global Citezens 

As we all know, having a website for your business plays a vital role in your Marketing Plan, but just having a website is not good enough. It sits in ‘Cyber Space’ until there is a Marketing Strategy to drive your Industry traffic towards your site. 

Digital Marketing

This leads us to the introduction of ENCONA's Digital Platform. There are so many Social Media Channels out there so we have chosen the most powerful that will suit our industry niche and hopefully suit your personality. If you are registered with either of these Channels, we invite you to go ahead and click on the icon below, follow us, drop us a message and say hi. 


If you're not a fan of Social Media we have got you covered...

ENCONA will send a monthly newsletter with loads of valuable information such as up and coming courses, dates, information,industry news etc.
If you prefer to have another email registered to this newsletter or a work colleague or even a good friend please feel free and send us your/their details to: 
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ENCONA would like to be hands on and as responsive as possible, so whatever communication platform you choose, please connect with us :)

For more Information regarding ENCONA email us on: 

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