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Product Safety & Conformity Representative (PSCR)

Product Safety & Conformity Representative (PSCR)
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Every organisation within the automotive supply chain is obliged to ensure the safety and conformity of its products. To this end, in the respective countries and regions current legal statutes on product integrity must be observed, also the justifiable safety expectations of the general public must be fulfilled. With products conspicuously “unsafe“ in the market, or whose conformity to legal requirements is questionable, those responsible are obliged to initiate the necessary actions. In order to be aware of and to understand the many demands addressed to a product safety representative, comprehensive information and qualification is necessary. This is the aim of this two-day qualification: it is specifically geared to the requirements in the participants’ daily work practice. The central topics of product integrity are explored, and the competence as product safety representative is developed in the scope of these five modules.

Target Audience

Automotive executives and personnel who are to be deployed as product safety representatives or who already hold that position.


The focus is on the communication of expert knowledge that enables the participants to handle their everyday work more professionally and in a more targeted fashion as prospective or existing product safety representatives. The responsibilities in the whole supply chain from development through manufacture and use up to the end of intended use are dealt with. After an introduction to the topic the organisation of product integrity, product integrity in the product life cycle, guidance for product nonconformities and examples for tools and methods are discussed.

Concept and Methods

During this training, technical lectures and exercises alternate in order to support the transfer of the topics into the participants‘ own work practice with a particular focus on exchanging experiences between participants and the trainer.

Prerequisites for Attendance

In order to attend this training, a technical and / or business education
is necessary as well as experience in automotive quality
management, especially in complaints and recourse management.
Furthermore, the participants should be qualified and
experienced in the evaluation of technical product and process
risks (e. g., FMEA facilitator, VDA 6.3 process auditor, designer /
developer) and be knowledgeable about the use of the organisation’s
products, the state of the art as well as the requirements
from relevant laws and customer requirements.

Certificate of Qualification

After passing the test, the participants will receive a certificate
of qualification.
Supplementary Material
VDA Volume Product Integrity and Conformity *)

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